Pororo 1st Birthday!

My friend from high school contact me to make a cake for her son’s first birthday. I was so excited and honored!!! 🙂 When I asked her if they had a theme, she replied, “Pororo!” “Po Po what??!”


I guess he’s an adventurous little penguin from a Korean cartoon. He’s so cute! She wanted a three tiered (not layers!) cake, some Reese’s peanut butter cookies, some chocolate covered oreos and some rice krispy treats. Now the cake.  Initially I said, I don’t do tiered cakes, I haven’t done them and to be perfectly honest, it intimidated me…a lot!! But, I didn’t want to say no to my friend, and I’m always up for a challenge, so….I started watching You-Tube videos on how to stack tiered cakes and..you know what, no problem! 🙂 Just a few dowels, stick some icing between the tiers, cross fingers that it doesn’t topple over and…wah-lah! A tiered cake!!  well..I just said yes and hoped it all worked out. Haha.

I ended up baking some rice krispy treats, some Reese’s chocolate peanut butter cookies and some chocolate covered oreos:

chocolate covered oreos

colors to match the theme.

The cake? well, it turned out not too bad.  The bottom tier 12″ two layer cake was a chocolate cake with a nutella buttercream. Middle tier was a strawberry cake with a strawberry buttercream. The top tier was for the daddy (because it was his birthday too!) a brown sugar pound cake with a brown sugar cream cheese frosting.  Three different kinds of cake is a lot of work. I have to make 3 different batters with 3 different frostings…that’s when I wish I have 6 Kitchen Aid mixers! or…a bakery to bake in. haha.

Pororo cake!

Pororo cake!

the outcome! one of the things I hate most is rolling out fondant.  I’ve done it for smaller cakes, but nothing like for a 12″.  It’s huge. It took hours.  It was a workout. and then if you roll that out and try to lay that on top of the cake and it either ripped or wasn’t big enough to cover the cake, you gotta scrape it together and start rolling it all over again.  argh. I wish I had a fondant roller like the ones you see on those shows like cake boss.  How awesome would that be! I actually looked it up and it’s only about $4000 bucks each. ha!

So, that night I had a nightmare that the cake toppled over when I woke up in the morning. Haha, this time it didn’t! all intact! The hardest part of this process was transporting the cake. It was heavy! I basically had to sit it on my lap on a cookie sheet.  It was impossible to pick up.  I guess I need to watch some you Tube videos next on how to transport cake! But I always say, no more cake the next time! I hate baking cake! Or, maybe I just need to take a class and take all the mystery away. Haha. So, that’s Pororo on top and two of his friends on the second tier.

And do you know about Korean first birthdays? They’re ALL out!! They had a balloon contraption behind the dessert table that was so amazing and they rented out the whole restaurant!! Hopefully I can get some of their professional pictures and post them here.

Happy 1st Birthday Dean!


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