The very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday

A friend’s friended contact me about making a cake for her son Cole’s first birthday, and some cake pops.  The theme of the party was the Very Hungry Caterpillar!

hungryI loved this book as a kid.  Reminds me of myself..because I’m always seemingly hungry. Haha.  This caterpillar eats his way through fruits and sweets and just about everything! I couldn’t remember exactly what he looked like and what the things he went through looked like so I wanted to take a look at the book. So I went to my local trusty Target and found…”La Oruga Muy Hamrienta!” good enough I guess haha.


The goods that he goes through.  She provided me with pictures of a cake and cake pops that she thought was cute….and this is the cake I made!

Hungry Caterpillar!

It’s covered in buttercream, which confuses me because when I watch the videos, everyone makes it look so easy making it so smooth and beautiful. But when I do it, it never comes out looking so clean and flawless!! Makes me so angry! I guess I need to watch more videos. or get a better consistency for frosting. :O I learn something new every time I bake! The circumference of the cake is covered with fondant fruits and food that the caterpillar goes through.  The lettering I used is something that I’ve had for awhile (because I saw it on a post of a cookie decorator’s blog and it explained this Tap it letters and of course I just had to have them..) but never used, looked like just too much work:


Basically it’s a mold of mini little teeny letters that you press fondant in and you “tap” it out. Yes a tedious process. But the letters are pretty! haha. Here are the vanilla cake pops made to look like a caterpillar!

a Hungry Caterpillar cake pops!

Happy 1st Birthday Cole!! 🙂


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