A zoo animal first birthday!

Sorry I took so long to post this birthday! My sister’s friend contacted me to make some treats for her daughter’s first birthday.  She had a zoo animal theme, from this website, Oriental Trading Company:

Zoo Animal Basic Party Pack
I guess this website has everything!! So, she wanted some decorated sugar cookies and cake pops to match these animals.  But, I have to confess, I did a little bit of tweeking. Ok, a lot. 😛 I just like doing my animals that I’ve actually drawn since elementary school much better. Hahha.  So, this is what I came up with!
zoo animal cake pops

zoo animal cake pops

cake pops especially are hard to make with a lot of details so you have to be creative in finding things to add on to. Like the tiger ears are just chocolate chips attached onto the cake pop before dipping.  Then his stripes, nose and eyes is royal icing (that I had from decorating the cookies!) piped on.  The monkey ears and mouth area is fondant attached on as the chocolate was drying.  Zebra’s nose is fondant too. The lion’s mane is peanut butter chips.  🙂

The decorated sugar cookies took awhile.  Even though I tried to limit the number of colors I used, I still needed two bags and two tips for each color, one for piping the lines (which needs a thicker icing consistency) and a coloring or “flooding” the entire space (which needs a more runny consistency of icing).

decorating cookies

So, that’s a LOT of bags of icing that I have to make!! too much work! but these cookies turned out better than I thought!! It’s just like drawing, except with icing! which, ok yes, takes a bit of patience (waiting for the icing to dry) and steady hands. 😀 so these, were made to match the cake pops. And I added an elephant!

zoo animal sugar cookies

zoo animal sugar cookies

Happy First Birthday Ava!!! I hope you enjoyed your party!


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