Another zoo animal 1st Birthday!

One of my friend’s good friend asked me to bake for her daughter’s 3rd Birthday.  She requested a small 6″ cake and some cupcakes and some mini cupcakes.  There was no particular theme to this party, she told me, but she was thinking of like a tea party, but that her daughter likes Elmo, Curious George and Hello Kitty. Hhaha. hardly tea party-ish things.  Then she asked her daughter what kind of cake she wanted and Sara said she wanted an elephant cake!! Elephant cake it is!! 🙂

elephant 6" cake

elephant 6″ cake

This was a two layer chocolate cake with a chocolate butter cream frosting and covered in fondant.  Disregard the 7 because I was looking at a photo for the cake and that photo had a seven in it, and silly old me, without thinking, I cut out and stuck a seven on it. Hahaha. oops.  Good thing I noticed it and changed it!!! haha.  Then to go along with this elephant cake, she wanted different animals on the cupcakes.

more zoo animals!

more zoo animals!

Elephants, zebras, bears, giraffes and lions all made from fondant! These were red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting.  Funny story, I arrived at the Little Prince Cafe in Buena Park (apparently, this is THE go to place for kids…I mean, this place is just an indoor playground for kids…fun for kids, but, NOT fun for adults/parents/aunties like me. Hahhaa. so many screaming, mean, snotty-I mean literally snotty, snot running down their nose ew! kids running around.  And the girl was so nice enough to ask if I wanted to bring my nephew for the birthday party, which I actually did and he had an awesome time! Thank you Emma!!) so back to the story.  I got to the place early to set up the desserts, and there was a private room reserved for the party.  I go in and I said a little table that was already covered and some wooden letters already set up that spelled “SARAH.”  I stooped and I was like, WTH. I thought it was Sara! I thought of all those FB pictures and captions and remembered CLEARLY it was spelled Sara without the H.  I even looked it up on FB and all her messages to me.  But, there’s always that sinking feeling or that self doubt that holy crap, I messed up!! you just start to second guess yourself. I panicked because I had thought my friend was already there and SHE’S the one that set  it up! But I thought, no problem, easy fix, just go home and get more fondant and bust out an H real quick, no biggie.  But then I went out and asked one of the young girls that worked there where the friend was, and she said they haven’t arrived yet. Oh, then who set up the letters?  One of the waitresses did.  Ohh….then I asked, is it Sara with an H or without?  She looked confused and I said I think it’s spelling without the H, and she just stared at me until another guy behind her said it’s without an H.  Doh!!! Get it right people!! you made me panic for no reason!!!   Jeez. haha.

Thank you Emma and Sara for letting me make your treats, hope you had a happy 3rd Birthday Sara!!! 🙂 Colton had a fun time!!!


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