a shark infested birthday!

My old partner and his adorable wifey asked me to bake a smash cake for their son’s first birthday.  First birthday already!! How time flies! I was happy to bake a little cake for adorable big boy now, Asher! the theme was a beachy theme, fitting since they live near the beach.. and we collaborated on his cake.  The two layer 6″ cake was funfetti flavor, which essentially is a vanilla cake baked with jimmy sprinkles inside, resulting in the spots of color in the cake.  This is the two layer cake with vanilla buttercream tinted blue in the middle.


I have yet mastered the art of creating a perfectly frosted buttercream cake, but practice makes perfect right?? So this was the end result:

a beachy 2 layer 6" cake!

a beachy 2 layer 6″ cake!

Blue buttercream for the water, and I added some brown sugar for the sand. The sand castle, pail and shovel and beach ball are all fondant, with an added shark fin in the water..yikes! haha. Then for easier fish (instead of making them out of fondant) and much tastier fish, I used goldfish crackers and stuck them around the cake.  I later added some white pearls for the bubbles from the fish, after I took the picture so you can’t see them here. These cupcakes accompanied the cake..shark fins!!

shark fin cupcakes

shark fin cupcakes

This was a fun cake and cupcakes to make and hope Asher had an even more fun smashing the cake! 🙂 Happy 1st Birthday Asher!!


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