a Princess 1st Birthday!

One of my old high school classmate (thank you SM!!) contacted me via Facebook (thank goodness for social media!! :D) to ask about baking for one of her friends.  Of course!! When contacted by her friend, I asked her if there was any kind of theme of colors, which I always ask because it’s a good starting point for me to get an idea of what kind of design is wanted/needed.  But in this case, there was neither! She ended saying that she loves Totoro which made me laugh, and she wanted Totoro cake pops.  In case you don’t know who Totoro is, here he is:

He’s a cartoon from Japan..I don’t know what the heck he is supposed to be haha (looking it up on the internet, he is supposed to be the “spirit of the forest”) but is he cute!! Then she requested some ballerina tutu cake pops for her daughter.  Haha, kind of an odd combination, but two things I haven’t made before so I was happy to oblige!! 😀
Yes, some were fatter than others but, Totoro all the same! 😀
For the ballerina cake pops, I used a mini onesie cookie cutter to cut out the shape of the shirt part, which made it a lot easier than shaping it by hand.  Then for the tutu, I was puzzled on how it was going to stay on the stick.  Maybe because it was the late night/early morning and I was tired (note to self: two baking jobs for one day is not THAT great of an idea..haha), but it really stumped me.  I couldn’t use any glue or anything inedible..then it hit me.  Of course! Chocolate is what I used for everything else to stick stuff on! I had to hold it for a bit to let the chocolate dry, but it worked!! Tutus on the bottom of the cake pops!!
She also requested some brown sugar pound cake with the brown butter glaze and custom cake pops, including one pink crown for the birthday girl:
..as well as individual boxed strawberry cupcakes for guests to take home, with a customized tag.  I love these single clear boxes that I found at Paper Mart (my go to place!) it looked great when all boxed and tied up!
Here is a picture of the dessert table from the mommy:
Happy 1st Birthday Emma!! : )

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