Girly barnyard animal 1st Birthday!

I think this is one of my favorite projects so far… long, but fun!! One of my high school friend’s brother asked me to bake for his daughter’s 1st birthday, Megan! I’m always flattered and excited when someone I know asks me to bake for them! His wife is very creative and came up with the whole theme and dessert ideas.  I just followed what she wanted!! She did an awesome job with the entire dessert table and made the desserts look great!! I have to say, a girly barnyard theme (as described by wifey) was a new theme haha, but I loved it.

Wifey sent me a bunch of photos that she’s been looking at for ideas. She really knew what she wanted and I loved that!! This is what we ended up with: Rooster (with a pink headcomb..large heart sprinkles.. to match the pink theme!) and …                                                   DSC_0242

…Sheep cake pops! 😀 These were a little bit more labor intensive, but turned out pretty cute!! I made all the face, ears and legs out of fondant. I know some people look for candies that would fit these things so that they could save time, but I didn’t want to risk buying wrong sized candy and end up with a bunch of leftover stuff (I mean, I already have enough crud laying someone points out haha).  And what candy is black anyways…black licorice!! ick.  Once the sheep was dipped in chocolate, I had to wait until the chocolate was a little bit set (not wet, or the pearl balls and face and legs all would just fall off with the chocolate) but not completely firmed up (that it doesn’t stick to the chocolate at all).  It was all about timing! Then I added little pink hearts for the nose to match the pink theme!


Then there were quite a bit of cupcakes…mocha cupcakes with a mocha buttercream with fondant pigs..


and chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache with fondant cows..


The fondant rabbits got lost in the mix and I forgot to get a picture of them! haha. Sorry bunny rabbits! Then some funfetti cupcakes with a pink vanilla buttercream and gold dragees.  Gold dragees are just gold round balls of sprinkles. I learned a new word here 🙂


A smash cake in the form of a muffin sized cupcake was also requested (bigger than regular cupcakes, but not as big as the jumbo cupcakes!).


She also wanted some vanilla butter cookies.  One of the pictures she had had some chevron goodie bags in the background and I asked if she wanted to incorporate chevrons into the desserts.  So I ended up decorating the cookies in a chevron pattern..which I had to think about how to get those even lines.  I thought I could do it by hand, but, that really didn’t quite work out.  I looked on the internet and saw all these crazy complicated and time consuming ways to make chevron cookies. I was getting a bit panicky about how long this was going to take, when I remember that I had a chevron stamp that I had bought and haven’t used it (someone do a chevron party please!!). I ended up stamping that on a piece of paper (with edible food colors of course), and cutting the strips out. I used the striped as a guide for piping on the lines of the chevron.  Depending on how you position the pattern of the chevron, you get a different look. I decided for the center to have the point downwards.  Then I filled in every other space with white flooding royal icing, then flooded the in between space with pink frosting.  I cut out fondant “M”s and spray painted them gold and then stuck on the cookies after they dried.  Still a little time consuming but, I love chevrons!!

DSC_0177             DSC_0178


The cake was a three layer mocha cake with mocha buttercream and covered in pink fondant.  The ombre ruffles reflected the ruffles on the dress of the party girl, it was super cute! Then stuck some fondant farm animals on there. 😀 I’m getting better at covering cakes in fondant.  Practice makes perfect!!



   The entire dessert table was super cute! I just love those huge pink balloons. sorry for the photo bomb of a guy’s arm. I couldn’t get him out of the picture. haha.  DSC_0224

Happy first birthday Megan!! Hope you had a fabulous party!!! 😀



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