Sharks! Sharks! Sharks!

I love sharks. I mean, in that far away, never have to see them in real life, cartoon, on tv kind of way.  They’re cool.  I mean, but not when they’re eating people.  They’re fierce and the sight of them makes anyone want to poop in their pants.  I can understand why it’s a popular theme for a boy’s party. 🙂 One of my old coworker’s wife whom I don’t get too see often (she lives in no man’s land AND has 5 kids!!! she’s a busy lady!! hahaa. and she’s still skinnier than me.  She looks like she’s had NO kids!!!) called me up to make some treats for her son Drake who’s turning 9.  9 already!! I’ve been around this kid since he was 4!!! She’s been calling me for treats for all her parties and I haven’t had the chance to go to any of them, but that weekend I was finally available!!

Mom told me that it was a shark theme and that she needed cupcakes and cake pops.  And I can make it however I want it.  Sometimes, I like that sometimes because..I can make it however I want it to! haha.  Since I made shark fins for the first shark birthday, I thought I can put sharks on the cupcake in blue “water” icing, and shark cake pops.

So I looked for a shark cookie cutter, which you would think would be easy to find, but I went to my usual cake supply stores and a few Michaels…all nothing!! I finally had to buy it off of Amazon..not just a shark one either..a whole set of marine animals!! haha.

ImageHopefully I can use the other cutters sometime! I made funfetti cupcakes with the tinted vanilla buttercream frosting.  I rolled out gray fondant and used the cookie cutters to cut out the sharks.  I stuck in a little black non pareil sprinkle for the eye and cut some gills on the side.


The cake pops was definitely a 5 step process. or more. Haha.  I cut out the 3 fins and the tail out of fondant so that when it was covered in chocolate, it would have a defined shape.  I used the cookie cutter to cut the little pieces out.  As I waited for them to dry and harden, I shaped the red velvet cake into the shark’s body.  They ended up turning out to be a bit fatter than I wanted, haha, but, I guess it’ll work!! Then I stuck the body in the fridge to chill and harden a bit before pulling them out to dip in chocolate.  But before the chocolate, I had to use chocolate (as the ‘glue’ agent) to ‘glue’ on the fins and tails.  I had to let that dry a bit before dipping the whole thing in chocolate.  Did I lose you there yet? Haha.  I wish I’ve taken photos of each step, but I’m usually in a rush to get through the baking that I forget. My hands are usually dirty from cake too.


Half of the cake pops were sharks and the other half:


It was great seeing the whole gang, the kids get cuter every day, and I was so happy to be able to make these treats!! Hope you had a happy 9th birthday Drake!! 😀


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