A Batman Birthday!!

I love repeat customers!! I’m happy that a coworker was happy with her Alice in Wonderland treats for her daughter’s birthday that she wanted some stuff for her son’s birthday!! Yay! I love superheros too, they’re so much fun to make! I was a little nervous because it was the same week as my nephew’s birthday party, but his was on Sunday and this Batman party was for Saturday, and I always hate to say no and look forward to the opportunity to make new things so yes it was!! (and then I get yelled at by BF for trying to do too much haha) But it ended up turning out great, few late nights but, I’ll live!!

She wanted a small Batman cake, some mini cupcakes and cake pops! I love mini cupcakes so much more now because it’s like a perfect bite, you just pop it in your mouth! No holding a cupcake, trying to bite it and fight with the crumbs and getting crumbs everywhere! But toppers are always such a pain because they’re so much smaller, so there’s not much room for too much. For these, the Batman symbol was a simple solution! But, simple on the surface! haha. The only way I could think of how to accomplish this was to cut it out by hand..I mean where can I find a mini Batman cutter to cut the fondant on a whim?! So I printed out a small Batman symbol and used a razor to cut the fondant to top off these mini red velvet cupcakes!


For the Batman cake pops, the cake was rolled into balls then placed in the fridge to firm up.  The white chocolate was given a slight tint with yellow and orange chocolates, so that it had a slight skin tone color.  The cake pops were dipped in the white, then chocolate covered sunflower seeds was stuck on for the bat ears!


After that was dried, the top half was dipped in black chocolate for the mask.  White jimmy sprinkles were stuck on for the eyes. I drew on the mouth with an edible black pen. Batman!!!


Hahah. pretty funny. The cake was not too hard either! two layer blue velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting.


The “4” is rolled fondant that I stuck a a toothpick in and let dry.  I hope you had a happy 4th Batman birthday Noah!! 🙂


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