An Angry Birdday!

I just realized that I haven’t posted about my favorite nephew’s 2nd birthday party!! (yes, I do realize that I only have one nephew.. :D) He loves Angry Birds so my sister decided to have an Angry Birds birthday party for him! There was much going to be much less people this year (as opposed to last year’s 1st birthday!) so my sister also decided to have a dessert only party.  Which is perfect for me, because making desserts AND the food (in addition to everything else haha) was too much for me last year…I have so much more fun making desserts! So of course, I started thinking and looking at Angry Birds themed desserts.  I think I always end up overwhelming myself because I see all these cute things and I can make a billion things with an Angry Birds theme..

Like these adorable pig macarons…I wanted to make an Angry Birds cake, cupcakes with custom cupcake toppers, Angry Bird decorated sugar cookies, etc. etc. Overly ambitious and..crazy. hahaha. In the end, I ended up making mostly mini desserts so that people can try a variety of desserts, instead of me spending all this time on a few custom desserts.  Then instead of displaying on just cake stands and plates, I thought displaying the desserts like in the Angry Birds game would be super cute. Luckily my BF is great making things (he does construction on the side….!) so he made everything for me and it turned out great!!!


The party was at the indoor pool house at my community.  I hate that the TV is smack in the middle of the background, but, there really is no better place to set up the dessert table than right there!


I bought a few plush Angry Birds and green Pigs and lined them up behind the sling shot like in the game!


BF found this perfect stick and used it as the sling shot. Love it! (yes being Asian, I neglected to take off the tags of the Angry Birds, haha. They’re lucky I took them out of their little bags! haha)


Alot of this I haven’t made before and was excited to try. I’ve made key lime bars before and the recipe I used is delicious so I ended up scaling them down into these minis.  A graham crack bottom crust, with a fresh key lime filling and a little key lime to top it off as a garnish.  I usually make homemade whipped cream, but these desserts were going to be sitting out and I didn’t want whipped cream to sit out and go flat. I wanted something tart for the spread.


I’ve never made these banana cream pie shots either, but always wanted to.  As simple as these look and sound, they’re time consuming to put them together! Haha.  A vanilla pudding layered with fresh bananas and crushed vanilla wafer cookies for the bottom (thanks to my mini food processor!).


These are also simple to make but so yummy. Even if the marshmallows are not heated up and melted, gives you the smores combination! I dipped the large marshmallows in dark chocolate, then dipped that in crushed graham cracker crumbs.


I love matcha green tea, and I’ve always wanted to make some kind of dessert with matcha green tea powder.  My dad just recently went to Taiwan and I requested that he brought some back from me (everything is so much cheaper in asia! Besides tea being more common there!) so I was happy to take the opportunity make some matcha green tea shortbread cookies from a recipe that I found online.  I actually ended up adding in 75% more green tea powder than the recipe called for but the green tea flavor in the cookie still turned out pretty mild.  Yummy still but I wish there was more of a burst of flavor!


Since the chocolate cake was such a hit last year, I wanted to include it (who doesn’t love chocolate cake?!) but reinvented it.  I stuck the cake in the shot glass and layered it with the chocolate ganache and topped it off with a fresh raspberry. 🙂


..and one of my favorite desserts, panna cotta!! it’s a very, mild dessert, but for some reason, I like it a lot, especially if there’s some sort of fruit or berry coulis (as indicated on the sign, but which I didn’t have time to make, and had even less time to make a new sign haha), I think it’s something about the texture.  I like gelatin textured desserts.  yum!!!


who doesn’t like cheesecake!? topped with a fresh raspberry!


It my first time making these, apple pie pops. I’ve wanted to make these for awhile too! I wish I had the time to tie on some ribbon. These were last on the list, so if I had time, I’d make these.  I thought it was going to be easy, but it ended up taking awhile, chopping up the apples, making the filling, cutting out the pastry dough…I always underestimate my time, so I was making these well into the morning! oops.  These tasted great coming out of the oven, and I wish I had an oven to make these on site and serve them piping hot. hahaha. yes I have crazy ideas.


Just as a throw in since these are not fussy to make, some blue velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting! 🙂

I did want to make it cake, but my sister didn’t want one, and it really would have been too much.  So I decided to make a small little chocolate cake for colton..his favorite is green, and the only green character is..the pig!!! AHhahaha.  Pretty simple and so much fun to make!


Here are some other photos from the party:


A tattoo station! A coloring station!


Then I found on the internet these faces you can print out and cut and stick on balloons to make them look like angry birds. I forgot to take pictures of them, there is a fuzzy pig.  Haha. easy to make but time consuming especially since you can only blow up the balloons the day of so they don’t deflate!


These are what the balloons are supposed to look like! HAHA.

My favorite part of the sister got Frostbites to come!!!! YUM! YUM!!! The most delicious Italian Ice!!! I especially love the fact that it’s owner also went to my high school, a year older. 😀


My sister was smart enough to tell my parents to bring all of Colton’s toys..his slides, see saws, etc. so that there were some toys for the kids to be occupied by!! 😀 the party was a success and I gave myself ample time to set everything up. I even made my family come over early to help out! haha.  Definitely lessons learned from last year when I tried to do it all myself!! Looking forward to Colton’s 3rd Birthday!!!


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