Anti drooling party!

One of my close friends sent me a link a month ago and asked if I can make these cookies:

I said, sure I can make those cookies, but what are those cookies for?! and what is an anti drooling ceremony?! She explained to me that it’s an old tradition in the Taiwanese culture.  When the baby turns 4 months, they string biscuits into a necklace and put it around the baby’s neck.  They rub the biscuits on the baby’s mouth so that the baby may drool less, while whispering well wishes to the baby.  Then you break off a piece of the biscuit and eat it.  Haha, this was new and a funny tradition.  I’m Taiwanese, but I came over from Taiwan when I was three so maybe I don’t know all of their traditions.  So I immediately called my dad and asked him if he’s heard of this tradition and he laughed and said no, he hasn’t, but there are a lot of traditions in the Taiwanese culture that he can’t keep up.

It was interesting to learn something new and to tell people what I was baking for that weekend.  My friend requested music notes (for Lucas’ love of music), books (because he loves to ‘read’), dragons for a dragon baby, bottles, onesies and “LMB” for his nickname of little mouse boy. Haha.  Only because his mommy thought he looked like a little mouse when he first came out.


As we put the cookies around Lucas’ neck, he started grabbing at them and his hands got all colorful, from the dye in the icing. Haha.  At least he didn’t touch his face with his hands.  🙂 The ‘ceremony’  was adorable as we all wished him to be a good boy, grow up to be successful and smart, passing him around from person to person. He took everything in well! 😀 Happy 4 months Lucas! Can’t wait until you’re one so I can plan your birthday party!! haha.


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