A mustache first birthday!

Yes, yes, I’m one of those that has gotten sucked into the mustache craze.  I don’t know why, but I think it’s super adorable and I love it when little kids stick a mustache on (or gets one stuck on them ahah) I think it’s too cute I could die.  I tried to get my sister to approve of a mustache first birthday party for my nephew last year and she said no, it’s stupid.  She decline again this year for his second birthday haha.  So somebody please have another mustache party so I can bake more for it!! 😀

I have been in touch with my old roommate from college off and on since we both graduated. Since then, she’s gotten married and had two kids! She’s had so many parties this entire time, and I was finally able to make it to this one, her son’s first birthday!! She is an awesome party planner, when I walked into the backyard of her home, I was amazed at everything and all the details!!! if you need a party planner, look up A Touch of a Rose in Rosemead! I was asked to bake some apple pie pops, which I didn’t have time to make fondant mustaches that I wanted to stick on them. I also forgot to take a picture of them.  Oops.

I also made these chocolate mustache lollipops. Then I cut out and stuck bowties onto the lollipops!


 Here’s the entrance to the backyard party..wow!


The gift table!



..to take pics!


more props to take pictures with!


The dessert table..it was still early so the desserts weren’t set out yet..but that’s ok because I’m on a healthy eating binge..don’t need the temptation!! 🙂


Mustaches on straws!



Mustaches everywhere!! and I didn’t even have the chance to take a picture of the sitting area, where there was a tent cover over the chairs, more mustaches, and more decor! I can’t imagine how much time it took all of that..she works AND has two kids!!! Amazing is all I can say! My future kids will be lucky if they got a cake and a present!! haah. Oh, AND they (the whole family) were in coordinating outfits, including mustache suspenders for the kids,  personalized shirts and red chucks!! too cute! Happy 1st Birthday Adriel! Thank you for letting me be part of your bash!! 


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