A nautical baby shower!

My friend’s girlfriend asked me to bake for her sister in law’s baby shower this past weekend.  It was a nautical shower for a impending baby boy. I was really excited because I haven’t baked this theme yet and she wanted a cake and some cake pops!  She sent me a few pictures for some ideas for the whale cake pops, some sailor hat cake pops and for the cake. The whale and sailor hat cake pops were no problem, just had to tackle to logistics of it when I made them.  The cake I had to brainstorm a little more. I asked for the invitation for the baby shower, which I like to look at and see if I can draw any inspiration from there. I like things to match the theme.  Everything should match!! 🙂 This was the invitation sample:photo 4

I love the little sail boats and the simple design of this invitation. Thinking back, I could have incorporated the stripes or the dots into the cake. haha.  But this is what I came up with:

photo 3

I have this notebook that I keep for my baking projects where I jot down notes and draw out the ideas. I’m more of a visual person, so it helps me to have something to look at. 🙂 I’m not the best artist, but I try. So it’s fun, when I draw out something, and stare at it, until when I actually have to bake and to see it all come together.  It’s different when you have something in your head, then when you actually try to execute and figure out the logistics! 🙂

Here was the fondant work:


I made the boat to match the one on the invitations. The momma to be requested a mocha cake with a mocha buttercream and lemon cake which I paired with a lemon cream cheese frosting.  a weird combination yes, but that’s what the momma was craving! ahha.

Here’s the cake! A 8″ bottom tier and a 6″ top tier.  Many people get confused when I talk about tiers and layers.  Tiers are each stack of cake.  Each tier is a different size, and then you stack it on top of each other to create a cake! Each tier I generally make two layers.  If I want more of a height in a tier, I’ll make 3 layers.  Layers are the same size, stacked on top of each other with frosting in between to create the tier.  Did that make any sense? Haha.


The fondant of the sailboat was attached to the stick using melted chocolate.  When it dries, it acts like a glue to attach the fondant to the stick! Brown sugar was sprinkled on the bottom as sand.  The sailor hat cake pops were lemon cake pops. I piped on the lines to the hat using chocolate and then used a strip of fondant to wrap around the bottom of the cake pops as the lip of the hats. I then mixed chocolate to a navy blue color to pipe on the anchors.


For the whale cake pops, I shaped the mocha cake pops into a..whale shape haha.  Kind of like an oval shape.  For the tails, I used the tail of a dolphin cookie cutter to cut out a tail shape from a chocolate wafer. Then when I dipped the body of the whale, I let it dry a bit before sticking the chocolate tail on to let it dry so it sticks on!


Congrats to the momma to be! Wishing you a safe and healthy delivery! Thanks F for the referral! 🙂

*sorry for any typos and grammatical mistakes in these posts, I’m not the best writer, I tend to write down directly what I’m thinking and sometimes it doesn’t come out making sense.  Sometimes I don’t have time to go back and reread before I post, but as long as you get the idea of it, it’s alright!! 😀


2 thoughts on “A nautical baby shower!

  1. This cake is gorgeous! Would you share your technique in making the sale,and having it be secure to stand up straight?!

    • Hi MVC! Thanks for the comment!! 🙂 Yes, the sail is fondant and I cut it out and let it dry hard. Then I just used some royal icing to use as a glue to “glue” together the stick to the back of the sail. That’s it!! good luck!

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