High School Graduation party!

A coworker approached me to make a cake for his daughter’s high school graduation party.  She had seen the graduation cake I had baked a few weeks ago and wanted something like it. 🙂 He also wanted to surprise her with some decorated cookies.  He didn’t know if the cake should be her high school colors or the colors of the college she was going to. I decided on her high school colors..which are more appropriate right? Haha. In any case, it was royal blue, orange and white versus only the two colors of the college colors, blue and white.  One additional color to play with!

Here’s my rough drawing:


Here’s the actual cake hhaha..




This is a two tiered (2 layers each) red velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting. Simple, but included all the necessary components: the cap and diploma of the other cake, and her name and gradation year! I didn’t have any graduation cookie cutters so I went to go pick some up. I should be a VIP customer of Wilton.  They are smart, they come out with every hand equipment for baking!! I had fun decorating these cookies.  Especially since I had a new toy to play with..the Kopykake projector!!! YAYYYYYY!!! I’ve been wanting that for awhile..but more about that later!


Although I used only three colors + black for the cookies, 6 bags of royal icing still needed to be prepared.  One for lining and writing and one in the same color that is runnier for flooding (or coloring) the cookie. I only used black to outline the scroll so there only needed to be a bag of stiffer royal icing.


The Kopykake is like a projector that projects images onto the cookie so you can trace it with the icing by hand. Pretty helpful, useful and awesome! I used the Kopykake for the font and the “W” for Katie’s Westlake High School logo.


See how the printed out image on paper projects onto the surface. I put my cookie under that image and start piping away! I started off with something simple just to get a feel for piping with icing.  🙂 Can’t wait to use it to decorate more cookies!!!

Happy graduation Katie, hope your party was awesome and good luck in college back East!! 😀


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