the KopyKake!!!

I’ve been wanting this machine for awhile.  I saw it on a blog..well a couple of blogs that I follow/read/study/obsess over. Decorating cookies fascinates me.  It amazes me how talented some people are! Some of the cookies that I saw I wondered how they piped such perfect images.  As I read more, I learned that many people use the Kopykake machine to project the images they want on the cookie. It’s not a fool proof technique.  You still have to have a pretty steady hand to pipe the royal icing onto the cookie following the details.  Here is the machine:


Yes it’s huge and looks super archaic!! haha.  But it’s the best thing in the world!! It reminds me of one of those projectors from high school that teachers put transparency sheets on to show us things. It came unassembled but even I was able to put it together.  Sweetopia has an excellent step by step guide in explaining how it works and what it does:

Sweetopia does amazing cookies with the Kopykake, especially the Disney characters…uber cute!!! I wanted to start off with something more simple so I searched for a pattern that I can easily pipe. I love this quatrefoil pattern. Yes, that’s what this pattern is called. Hhaah. Don’t ask me to remember it tomorrow.


I printed it out, stuck it in the projector, projected the pattern onto the cookie, and started piping!! Yes, I wanted different colors, but this was left over royal icing from the graduation party, so instead of wasting it, I used it.


Not too hard! Very pretty pattern indeed. Just wished it was different colors.the orange and black looks halloweeny hahahah. THANK YOU T for my Kopykake, you’re taking my hobby to the next level!!! hee hee and L thanks you for another huge apparatus associated with my baking that fits nowhere!! hahaha.  xoxo.


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