A ladybug first birthday!

My sister’s friend referred to her friend who needed a cake for her daughter’s first birthday.  It was a lady bug themed party! I think lady bugs are really cute for a girl’s birthday..She sent over a picture of a cake that she liked, and it was green and hot pink. Loved the color scheme! This was a vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and vanilla buttercream frosting.  Then the entire cake was covered in fondant. The bottom tier was a two layer tier and the top was a three layer tier. I needed the top tier to be taller than the bottom.  Everything else was fondant. The vines and leaves molded by hand, as well as the hot pink lady bug on top of the cake.  It’s a little off set so there’s room for the candle.  The writing was also hand rolled. The flowers were cut by my cricut cake machine (saves sooo much time and it makes it look so nice!!)

lady bug cake

The entire cake took longer than I thought and I missed the pick up deadline 😦 so I ended up offering to drop off the cake..to the middle of nowhere haha.  Oh the unexpected adventures of cake baking. I swear I have nightmares about cakes falling over, cakes being dropped, me not finishing a cake and ruining somebody’s birthday…haha..so I hope this cake survived the super hot weekend we had a few weeks ago!

Hope you had a happy first birthday Mikaela!!


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