some carrot cake pops!

I’ve recently gotten a lot of requests from people that found me through the web…completely unknown people. Not referred to me by someone, not related to someone I know, not a friend, or a friend’s friend.  Just complete strangers.  When I started getting these inquiries, I got really excited, because that means they’re somehow finding me on the web!  But realistically, none of them had actually panned out.  Whatever the reason is, I get bummed a bit, but just happy they found me, found my website, saw my website and liked it enough to contact me. 🙂

This guy inquired through my website for some cake pops for his BFF’s birthday.  Very sweet! He wanted carrot cake pops for her, since it was her favorite.  Carrot cake pops are not commonly requested.  In fact, this was the first time I actually made them! He asked for black, pink and gold sprinkles with a silver ribbon.


We met, we exchanged goods…transaction complete! He was super gracious and happy for the cake pops, which made me extremely happy! He said that there’s nowhere in the close vicinity that makes custom cake pops.  I’m happy to oblige! 🙂


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