A Candyland 1st Birthday!

This past weekend I baked for two..stangers! Yep, two complete strangers that I in no way shape or form knew before, knew of before, met, saw seen, or someone that someone I knew introduced me to.  In other words, they found me on the internet!! 🙂

That means, somehow, people are finding me on the internet and like what the see!!! Yay!!  So this lady was having a Candyland themed birthday party for her son who turned one.  She wanted treats for her dessert table, but treats that I didn’t need to bake.  So more of..dipping. in chocolate. 🙂  The colors were baby blue, lavender and yellow.  I piped the chocolate swirls onto the oreos and chocolate lollipops.  For the chocolate lollipops, I sprinkled it with some sugar crystals.


Chocolate dipped rice krispy squares!


Chocolate dipped pretzel rods


Chocolate lollipops!


Chocolate dipped marshmallows on a stick!


chocolate covered oreos!

Although this didn’t consist of any baking, the treats looked good, the colors were pretty together and I know that some kids are going to be so happy with all that chocolate! 🙂 I hope her son had a very happy first birthday!!


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