A spa 8th birthday!

The second lady that contacted me for this past weekend wanted some treats for a spa themed birthday party she was having for her daughter’s 8th birthday.  She wanted some cake pops, some chocolate dipped pretzels and a small cake.  The colors were hot pink, black and white with stripes and dots.  For the cake pops, she wanted some simple cake pops within the color theme with dots and lines.  For some fancier cake pops, I made a girl with a mask on, some flip flops and ones with fondant “spa” and “Sophia.”

spa themed cake pops

Here are some chocolate covered pretzel rods within the color scheme!

chocolate dipped pretzel rods

These are mini chocolate cupcakes with nutella buttercream frosting..


Some mini funfetti cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting tinted hot pink!


Last but not least, the little 6″ funfetti cake with vanilla buttercream.  This cake was covered entirely in fondant and decorated within the color scheme, along with dots and stripes!!!  The 8 was also fondant!

6" cake

I hope Sopia got some pampering for her birthday…massages are the best! 🙂 Happy 8th Birthday Sophia!! I hope you enjoyed your treats!!


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