An Ice cream cone birthday!!

I used to work in this unit and we were all very tight ~ we worked hard together, we hung out, we drank, we laughed, we teased each was probably the best time I had on my job.  It’s hard to get a group of people together at work (especially since everyone is a type A personality!) and for us to all get along.  There was this one guy, who had a pretty crazy wife…or a crazy pretty wife haha and we hung out all the time.  Unfortunately, they ended up getting a divorce 😦 but I stayed in touch with the wife, because she is just that kind of person you can’t get rid of! HAHA! She has a few kids and I’ve been graciously asked to bake for all of them recently!! 🙂 The are all sooo cute and the best kids ever! Her oldest daughter Rose turned 13 last week and I can’t believe she’s grown so much!!

K asked for these ice cream cone cake pops that she saw on the internet and I got super excited because I’ve been wanting to make them!!  I think they’re so adorable! For the “mini” cones, I just bought regular cones and used a serrated knife to cut off the top of the cones.  You really can’t find real mini ones anywhere.  Not even on the internet! But no problem, cutting them was actually quite easy. I thought the cones would break into pieces when I put the knife to it..but it didn’t! 🙂

DSC_0081                          DSC_0082


Then you bake and make the cake pops like you would regularly.  You use a stick to dip the cake pop in the chocolate and then you just plop it on top of the cone.  It’s nice because you can just let the chocolate drip down…you don’t have to worry about keeping it clean and nice looking! 🙂 Before the chocolate hardened, I sprinkled it with rainbow jimmies..what you would find on an old fashioned ice cream sundae! After the cake pop dried, I piped on the “fudge” (melted chocolate) and topped it off with a “cherry” (a red candy coated chocolate ball).

Ice cream cone cake pops

Ice cream cone cake pops

Aren’t these things adorable?  I hope you had a happy 13th birthday Rose!! : )



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