Lady M Cake Boutique

Ok, this is not something I made or baked. But, I just have to share! 🙂

My BFF from grade school moved to NYC for law school years back.  So I’ve gone to NYC quite a few times to visit. Since I’ve already been a tourist there, I started planning my trips around food. Although I wouldn’t live in NYC, I am very jealous of the food there.  A couple of years back I yelped bakeries when I was there and I came upon Lady M Cake Boutique on the upper west side.  It was a bit out of the way of anything that we were seeing, but I really wanted to go.  Because they have a mille crepe cake.  I’ve only had and seen mille crepe cake at a Japanese restaurant here in the OC (check out Sushi Noguchi…soo delicious!!) so I was very excited to see it! At a bakery!! Let me tell you mille crepe cake is exactly what it’s called.  Layers upon layers of thin, delicate crepes layered with this light cream..all stacked on top of each other to make the ‘cake.” It’s really beautiful when you cut into it because you can see every layer.  Quite a piece of art!! I went to Lady M, this really pretty place, all white (I have a thing for all white!!) with these elegant desserts on display.  I died and gone to heaven.  I ended up writing a really positive review on Yelp and few days later, I got a response from the owner of the bakery.  He thanked me for my review and wished to open one up in LA very soon.  Few years later, it opened!!

Today is my mum’s birthday but since my sister and brother in law both had to head to Vegas for separate work conferences (mmm hmm!! haha) we celebrated yesterday.  After work on Thursday (from Hollywood), we swung by Lady M Cake Boutique (all the way out on the west side!) and to pick up a cake for my mum’s well as a slice of mille crepe cake.  Well, the slice turned into 5 because they have a coconut, a citrus and a green tea version!! hahaha.  Then we got home and the cakes sat in the fridge until the next day, Friday night.  I really couldn’t believe I hadn’t try to attack it.  Any of it.  🙂 I pat myself on the back.



(from left to right ~ original, citrus coconut, original and green tea)


Look at all those crepe layers!!!


 I chose the strawberry shortcake cake for mum’s birthday because she likes light and not too sweet (like ALL asian older people!!). I figured this would be a good cake for her (besides that I LOVE strawberries. HAHA) The cake turned out to be really light, like a chiffon cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.  REALLY delicious.  The green tea mille crepe cake was ok..I still love the original one. : ) yes this place is UBER expensive but..I still want to go back and try all their other cakes. haha.  Call me a sucker!!!


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