A turquoise 65th Birthday!!

Yay!!! Another person who found me on the internet!! It was a last minute job but luckily I was free last weekend!! I gotten a few of those, last minute requests and I’ve had to turn down a few.  I always wonder how people do things so last minute haha, it would drive me nuts if I don’t have something all planned and and ready to go!!

I loved that this lady was having a huge 65th birthday bash for herself! She wanted cake pops for 70 people and turquoise in color with sprinkles.  I suggested a fondant flower to top it off. Simple and cute!!



I dropped off the cake pops the next day at the Embassy Suites North in Anaheim..literally right down the street from my house! I’ve never been in an Embassy Suites before, I walked in, and wow, it was like Disneyland inside! There was a huge atrium in the middle with a lot of foliage, like a garden and the dining area.  All the rooms face inwards, towards the atrium.  It was so spacious and really pretty!! I was amazed, especially that this place was right down the street from my house!


Carolyn was super sweet and she made herself these foam blocks covered in glittery turquoise paper. One block of cake pops for each table.  So glamorous!! : ) The room was big enough for a wedding! Haha…

Happy 65th Birthday Carolyn! I hope you and your guests enjoyed the cake pops!!


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