A multicolored first birthday!!

One of my good friend A’s good friend was planning her son’s first birthday recently.  This good friend’s friend E, is one of the most creative and crafty person I have ever met.  People think I’m crafty..no, not at all compared to E!!  I can’t believe some of the things that she makes! She does EVERYTHING! Design, sew, crochet, paint, bake, etc etc.  I went to her baby shower a year ago and it was the cutest thing ever.  From the invitation invites (it was a lemon theme!) to the cute little lemons that she crocheted… Ok, I am digressing here haha. So I had mentioned I have wanted to learn sewing since forever (considering a I got a sewing machine for my birthday last year and have never taken it out of the box yet!!) ..but now I have a specific project in mind. My friend A said, Hey, E wanted to ask you for baked goods but didn’t want to bother you! But maybe you can talk to her and exchange your goods for her teaching you how to sew!  …the greatest idea was formed and the bartering began! Thanks A, ingenius idea and thanks for having such awesome friends!!! haha.

E described the theme of her son’s birthday as “balls.” Funny yes, but she explained that Ben loved balls.  Balls of all different colors.  She wanted a smash cake and some cake pops.  I suggested a smash cake in the shape of a ball, haha, then she saw something online of a cake that had layers of different colors.  Doable! She settled on four colors: red, yellow, green and blue.  I made a 4 layer 6″ smash cake, vanilla cake tinted the four different colors with vanilla buttercream.




The is the cake after it got “smashed..” Ben was so cute, he used a fork to “smash” the cake! What manners! 🙂

Then I made cake pops with vanilla cake in those same colors and coated them in white candy melts and sprinkled non pareils of the same color.  Bagged and tagged them for favors!



rainbow cake pops

rainbow cake pops

I am so excited to learn how to use my sewing machine, to make my project and eventually sew all these other cute things!!! 🙂 Happy first Birthday Ben!!


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