A family affair!

I love my neighbor Dulce.  She loves sweets. That’s why her name is so fitting for her.  But what I love is that she has such a social life (I am completely boring next to her!) and is involved in so many different things! She’s always at some party (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc etc…) or some event or eatery (choir practice! family reunions!) and just out and about! I envy her energy, her go go go personality. 🙂 Being involved in so many things, is lucky for me, because I bake for a lot of her events.  I also love that she scours the internet for cute ideas and challenges me with uber cute things to make! She’s having a family reunion as we sweet and I made some treats for her.  When she came to pick them up, she brought like 8 of her family members that just flew in and were all wearing shirts saying family reunion.  Love it!!


Chocolate covered oreos..


a naked cake that she saw at a bakery.  I say naked because it’s naked of frosting. hahah.


..and she saw some cookies stacked to look like a cake.  Not too hard to make~ cut, bake, frost, stack…

then I made the roses out of fondant for the toppers.


Enjoy Dulce, thanks for always supporting me, I hope you have a fun family reunion! Until next time!! 😀


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