A Purple Elephant Baby Shower!

Baking connects people…it connects me to old friends, new friends, random strangers… back in the old college days, during my last quarter of college (zot! zot!) I went to Washington DC for ten whole weeks and interned for Senator Barbara Boxer’s office.  It was so much fun being in such a different environment, learning about our government and meeting new people.  One of my roommates was another girl from UCI and thanks to social media, we’ve kept in touch via Facebook. 🙂  She contacted me and asked me to bake for her sister’s baby shower.  A purple elephant baby shower for a baby girl!! She wanted some cookies, a small cake and some cupcakes.  She let me design however I wanted to, just as long as I incorporated a purple elephant. 🙂 Here are the sugar cookies with royal icing-a combination of purple elephants (that I cut out my hand beacuse I could not find an elephant cookie cutter I liked), some rattles, bottles, onesies, pacifiers and name plaques. 


Here are the red velvet cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting and fondant toppers.


The cake was a 6″ top layer and a 8″ bottom layer covered in fondant with fondant accents. 


I had fun making the purple elephant and was so honored that she seeked me out to make treats for her sister! We got to catch up just a little bit when she came to pick up the treats. It’s always nice to see a familiar face!! Welcome baby Kira! You have a great auntie!! 🙂


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