an Olivia first birthday!

One of my favorite person’s little girl turn one in November! (yes sorry this is such a late post!!!) Elyse loves her Olivia the pig books so instead of a Hello Kitty party that both her mom and I wanted for her, A chose Olivia the pig themed party haah.  We are both obsessed with planning parties, but she really outdid herself.  A did such an amazing job!!!


The welcome sign compliments of A’s bestie’s talented lil sister who is going to start college next fall studying graphics design!


The Porto’s catered food..yum!!


Adorable picture wall of Elyse’s first year with tissue paper pom poms!


Adorable centerpieces in mason jars arranged by A herself!


..and last but not least the dessert bar! Look at the amazing fabric strip banner!! I just made some red velvet cupcakes with Olivia the pic picks, mini cheesecakes and some chocolate cookies. Everything else was Portos!! 🙂 Everything turn out so cute! Good job A! Happy first birthday Elyse!!!


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