It’s a…

These days, people are constantly thinking of creative ways to reveal the gender of their baby…it’s cute/crazy some of the things people come up with haha.  I was honored that my friends asked me to bake something for them…gender reveal cake pops!! They wanted the inside cake to be blue or pink, and the cake pops to be wrapped with blue or pink ribbon so people can pick and guess what they think the  baby will be. Super cute idea!! So they went to the doctor and had the technician write it in a card.  Then they dropped it off immediately to me so they won’t be tempted to peek!  I don’t know how they held out for one whole day, their party was the next day!! I would have died!! This is how they turned out:

gender reveal cake pops


This is a close up..can you see if it’s a boy or girl? 🙂 Congrats G + R!! Can’t wait to meet baby X!!! haha.


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