a mail order!

I have gotten a lot of questions/requests from people that found me via internet. Some are pretty crazy.  I don’t think some people realize or remember that I bake on my own and that I don’t have the time/equipment of a bakery?! Actually it’s all pretty hilarious. Few examples and a few tips haha:

A lady once contacted me beginning of the week to make some cookies and cake pops for a baby shower.  (a lot of requests are last minute, but that’s ok because sometimes I’m free to bake! :D) She let me know what she needed and I quoted her and sent her a quote for her to approve.  Didn’t hear from her even after multiple emails for follow up.  I do provide my phone number so you can always call me! Finally Friday night I sent her another email saying that I’m assuming she didn’t need the order anymore since I haven’t heard from her and she hadn’t approve of the quote.  That was the last day I was able to actually bake.  Then she emails me the morning of when she needed the actual order and said yes she still needed them and can I still make them.  ?!? No, sorry I’m not super woman and can not bake everything that you needed in like an hour!

Tip #1. Utilize my phone number and please provide yours as well for clearer communication if needed 

Tip #2 Please approve of the quote that I send you for me to continue with the order

Tip #3 Please know that I don’t have magical powers (I wish!) so please given ample time for baking. 

Interestingly, there are also people who ask if I can bake directly on my website in the comments section. I don’t check my website regularly so I don’t get these comments. 

Tip #4 Please email me or use the contact form on the website for any questions so I can respond! I hate to miss anyone’s baking needs! Also, in that email, please provide your name, contact info, date of event, what type of event, what type of treats you’re looking for as well as a general idea of the quantity. This basic information lets me know if a) I’m available and b) give you a general idea of the costs

People have asked me if I have packages but sweets but I currently do not.  Everything is a la carte! But realize that I have minimum orders on everything and please inquire about that.  I do bake on my own with certain recipes that yield a specific number of treats.  Some recipes I can make in half for a smaller order, but sometimes I can’t (you can’t really split an egg in half) and it really affects the quality of the product (or I would like to think!). Also, if I make a batch of cake for cake pops that yields 30 cake pops but give you 12, it’s not really worth it to me.  I’m not a bakery where I can take the extra and sell it in the shop. It’s just a waste.  Also, once this lady asked me to bake a dozen of like 8 different cookies for a variety.  Again, I’m not a bakery where I can accomodate that.  Baking different things take A LOT of time, because I have make the batter, dish it out, bake, wait for it to cool, clean the mixer, then start over again. This is harder for cakes (different flavor tiers) and cupcakes because I have to make batter for the cake and different frosting to go with the cake.  I only have one Kitchen Aid mixer (donations are welcome ahhaha) and certain amount of time). I hope people can understand that!

Well I have certainly vacillated from what my original post was supposed to be.  A lady contacted me and wanted to send out some of the snowman cake pops that she saw on my website to clients of her company.  I was excited because I have not done a mail order before! Lots more work because the post office is terrible at this time of the year and it’s logistics that I’m unfamiliar with.  I’m not sure how to package the  cake pops and not sure how the cake pops would survive the mail.  Learning experience!

photo 1

Red velvet cake pops!

photo 2

Red velvet cake pops got red “earmuffs” (aka M’ n Ms)

photo 3

Vanilla got green ear muffs. After I dipped the cake pops, I stuck on the M n M’s, and the nose (chocolate covered sunflower seeds) and the eyes and mouth (black non pareil sprinkles). After it all dried, I piped a line of chocolate on the head and dipped it in sprinkles.

photo 1_1

Lots of snowmen!

photo 2_1

Here they are in their little priorty mail box wrapped, with a note and ready to go!

photo 3_1


a very unhappy snowman! haha. he got rejected.

photo 5_1

21 clients, 21 boxes in all! It was a fun project and excited that I got to bake for a whole new batch of people. Hope these snowmen made it safely through the USPS and the clients enjoyed their pops!!

Merry Christmas!


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