a very green company Christmas party

My sister’s friend contacted me about baking for her company’s annual Christmas party! I was happy she thought of me (as always when people do!!) and excited to bake for a whole different group of people! She wanted a few things for the dessert table:


Some mini cheesecakes topped with gingerbread men sprinkles..they were supposed to be raspberries but I guess raspberries are not in season because I went to 4 different stores and noone had them!! Improvise! then some mini red velvet cupcakes, some chocolate covered pretzel rods, chocolate cake pops and some snickerdoodle cookies.  She requested the light green sprinkles color because it matches the color of their logo. 🙂



She also called to let me know that everyone loved the treats! Feedback makes me completely happy because if it wasn’t good, then I’d have to change it! 🙂 and yes, please let me know if it wasn’t good.  It won’t hurt my feelings!! Hope you guys had a fun company luncheon and Merry Christmas!

Here is an instagram of the dessert table that she posted!


Thank you!


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