Cupcake wreath

At work we have a yearly detective luncheon.  We each sign up for what we wanted to bring. Last year I brought desserts of course and made some cupcake christmas trees.  A bit time consuming and A LOT of frosting, but it was a huge hit.  So I was trying to think of what I can do this year to top last.  I don’t think succeeded, but, I had fun making this cupcake wreath.  I’ve always wanted to do one of these cupcake pictures, where you put together these cupcakes really close and ice the cupcakes as if you were painting a picture.  My sister gave me that idea when I was planning my nephews first birthday last year and she wanted one of these cupcake creations.  A cupcake mosaic.  I ended up not having time, thinking it was hard to do than it is.  So, when I was shifting through pinterest for spme baking ideas, I came across the wreath.  It was super cute and didn’t look too hard to make.  Here it is!

cupcake wreath

Instead of bringing the frosting up, you have to frost the cupcakes wider and more flat. As you can see, I started off towards the bottom, because I underestimated how wide the frosting needed to go out to touch the other cupcakes so you can see a hole or two there. Oops! Then it made more sense and got easier.


Vanilla Cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting (tinted green!)

Everyone was so afraid to pull it apart to eat it…it’s takes a special person to do so. 🙂

Then I supplemented those with these more simple cupcakes..


Happy Holidays!


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