A Minion Birthday!!

Every year my coworker plans the best birthdays for her two kids-complete with themes and the whole family dressing as part of the theme.  I am in awe of the time and effort she puts in for her kiddos.  I hope I have the same energy when I ever had kids!!! This year, it was a Minion’s birthday for her son! These were fun to make, looks easy, because Minions are essentially a yellow blob and some eyes, but, as we know, ideas and construction are completely different!  Here are the treats:

sugar cookies


Royal icing sugar cookies.  The eyes are fondant circles with fondant rings painted a silver color.  The black is all icing coloring painted on with a brush.


cake pops! fondant for the eyes and goggles, and the hair is individual black jimmie sprinkles.  Looking at the pictures, I realized that I forgot to paint on the goggle straps.  I must have been distracted. AhhH!!


Marble cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting with fondant cupcake toppers!

I hope you had a Happy Birthday Noah and hope you enjoyed your sweets!!


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