A new partnership!

So, I get this email a few weeks ago, from a girl named Belle (I love it!!!).  Her and her friend started up a candy buffet business called Bling it On Candy.  Cute play on words! Belle found me on the internet and was looking for someone to bake for her candy tables.  She wanted to talk that night and before I spoke to her, I checked out her website http://blingitoncandy.com.  Can I say, amazing?! Everything was uber cute and creative and I love LOVE their attention to detail!! (yes, I obsess and notice these things!!!).  So she called and we spoke for over an hour.  Hahah.  I don’t think I ever spoke that much on the phone since high school, talking to a boy in the middle of the night about nothing.  So she invited me to her niece’s birthday party the next day to meet and to see the candy table she made.

I have to say, Philipinos throw the best parties.  A whole pig, lots of yummy food, lots of people (family!) and lots of energy! Can’t wait to insert myself into this family haha!!


But most of all, look at the candy table!! Look at all the amazing details!! The table cloth, the signs, the stands..love it!




So when I was there, she told me how she found me on the internet.  She google’d cake pops in Anaheim and she was browsing the results list.  She clicked on Heavenly Cake pops, which is an actual website.  They make this contraction that helps you roll out a lot of cake pops at one time.  I’ve liked their FB page, but I’ve never bought anything from them or asked them to advertise for me.   Then on that website there was a link to my website.  I was so confused.  I later went on the website and there’s a page of cake pops makers in your location and when you click on California, I am listed under Anaheim!  Amazing!!! I didn’t even know that it was there!! I am so grateful that she found me because I think this is going to be an uber fun collaboration!  More baking!! 🙂 So stay tuned for some fun projects that will be displayed in some fabulous candy spreads!! WOOT! (I better get cracking on those cake skills!! haha)


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