A Lego Birthday!

Lego Cake PopsI got an email from a lady requesting some lego treats for her son’s birthday party.  She wanted a cake, some cake pops and some cupcakes.  Legos are fun, I used to play with them when I was a kid! 🙂 The cake was a two layer vanilla cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting and covered with fondant.  I really need to be more diligent about leveling cakes, so that it sit more leveled and not crooked.  I just feel like it’s just a waste of cake when I’m chopping off half the top of the cake and throwing it in the trash 😦 I’m a cheap asian. HAHA.


Here are the cupcakes! Red velvet with cream cheese frosting and I purchased the lego candy from Amazon…love LOVE amazon, saves me so much time running from store to store to try and find these things..I mean, how would you know what place would carry lego candies?! so, yes LOVE amazon..AHmazing.


The lego head cake pops…


Just some cylinder shaped cake pops, and made some fondant circle discs for the top. Attached it via melted chocolate.  Let it dry, then dipped the whole thing in chocolate.  When the chocolate dried, I drew on the faces with gel black food coloring.  That’s it! Fun project.  The client emailed me back with a picture of her table for her son:


I really appreciate when people email me back and let me know how they enjoyed it, and people’s response to it.  Even if it’s not good, I’m always learning and striving to better my skills so any input is appreciated!! Also, any pictures are also awesome!! That way I can share what you guys have done!

Also, one of my pet peeves is when you email to ask about quotes and ideas and we exchange many emails or I respond, but then, I end up with no response.  It takes time out of my day (I do work full time! 10 hour days!) to respond to your inquires and I’m very happy to do that, but at at least please let me know if you think my prices are too high, I’m too far, you’ve gone with another option, whatever it is, just let me know that you’re not interested anymore.  That courtesy is much appreciated.  Thanks!


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