An Elmo Party!

I got my first cake job from Bling it On Candy two weeks ago.  It was for an Elmo birthday party! I was excited because I haven’t done anything Elmo related yet.  Cookies and cake pops.. easy enough, but time consuming but so much fun to make and see the end products!

I had to buy an Elmo cookie cutter for this project. That definitely helped and made it easier. Then everything else was free hand. Elmo is not too complicated a character luckily.  Here is the piping of the outline:

Then I used the colored royal icing to flood in the rest of Elmo! Elmo says hello!


Here are the Elmo cake pops:


This was actually pretty time consuming even though Elmo has a regular ball shaped head.  I used white chocolate balls for the eyes that I found at the cake store, orange jelly bellys for the nose, and half a chocolate melt for the mouth.  I had to stick it all on Elmo’s head while the dipped red chocolate was not drippy so that it didn’t fall off, but a bit set, but not so set that it wasn’t going to stick.  Timing issues. Hahah.  Then I had to dab on the eyeballs with black food coloring.  Then when Elmo was dried, I went back with the red chocolate and a stick and just dabbed extra chocolate on Elmo for the look of the fur.  Turned out pretty well! 🙂 Here is the end candy table from Bling it On Candy (check out


Isn’t it so adorable!?


Look at all the details!  The designs! The signs! The Elmo! Flower!

Sahana_1st_BDay05  Sahana_1st_BDay17

   There’s a Dr. Seuss  themed party coming up and I am so excited about that since I LOVE Dr. Seuss.  Can’t wait to see what Belle does with that table!! There are a few weeks in between where there will be no baking because I getting married! Yikes!! Actually Belle is helping me with my dessert table and I am so excited (gosh I am certainly excited in this blog! haha) about that because I know she’ll make it gorgeous!! wait but I lied, I will be baking just a bit, a few cookies for my own dessert table, but the rest will be from Sweet and Saucy!! Can’t wait!! 🙂


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