A Minnie Mouse birthday!



A lady found me on the internet and inquired about a Minnie Mouse themed birthday cake and cookies for her daughter.  I love Disney, so I was excited to make another Minnie cake and the cookies!  She requested red, black, and yellow for the cake.  The bottom tier is a 10″ two layer  chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and the middle tier is a 8″ two layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.  The Minnie hat is just a half of a 6″ styrofoam ball covered in fondant.  “Portia” is rolled out fondant then shaped into the letters then dried.  The bows are all fondant as well, shaped and stuffed with paper towels to retain the shape and left to dry.  Once dried, the fondant holds up on its own and then I can place it onto the cake!


I had to buy the Mickey silhouette and glove cookie cutters..and they weren’t cheap! Disney just loves to suck the money out of you! But I still love them! haha.


The customer later emailed me back and thanked me for the cake and that it was very moist, and for the cookies that everyone devoured.  I always appreciate when people take the time to email me back, even if it’s a negative comment, that way I can learn from what I’m doing, because I am far from perfect! But the positive comments definitely make me happy!!! So thank you!! 🙂


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