A Dr. Seuss baby shower!

I know I say that I love a lot of things, but I really do love Dr. Seuss.  haha.  I grew up with all his stories and I love the illustrations and the imagination of all the stories.  Belle from Bling It On! Candy asked if I could make some Dr. Seuss sugar cookies and some Cat in the Hat marshmallow pops.  Of course!  The color theme was aqua blue. red and black.

Here’s the link to the Dr. Seuss candy table from Bling it On Candy!

Cat in the Hat marshmallow pops

Cat in the Hat marshmallow pops

For these marshmallow pops, I used large marshmallows and dipped one side of the marshmallows first in red chocolate.  While those dried, I cut out fondant circles for the hat’s rim part.  When I went to go dip the other side in red chocolate, as it just dries, I stuck on the fondant circle and the stick so that when the red chocolate dries, both will stay on.  Cat in the Hat’s hat! 🙂

Dr Seuss sugar cookies

Dr Seuss sugar cookies

These  cookies were a bit tedious even though it was just 3 colors.  Sometimes a color needs a piping consistency and one for flooding.  The little Cat in the Hats were all free handed and they were so small they it took forever!! I think I became cross eyed afterwards haha. Below the cookies all bagged and tagged, ready to go as favors (tags courtesy of Bling it On Candy!)



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