A groom’s bacon desserts!

A couple of months ago, Belle from Bling it On! Candy asked if I have ever baked bacon chocolate chip cookies…couldn’t say that I had, but I welcomed the experience!! haha.  I’m not a big fan of sweet and salty together, so I wouldn’t have ever baked it for myself.  But I though it couldn’t be too hard…just cook up some bacon and toss them into the cookie batter!  She also asked for chocolate dipped bacon and said that it was for a wedding.  Since the groom loves bacon, he wanted something for him for the dessert buffet so he wanted bacon desserts!!  I loved that the groom wanted to be involved!

I got married in the middle of last month and this baking for for the week right after the wedding.   It was tough because my family was still here from out of the country and my hubby’s family was still here from out of town.  I usually like to bake the day before (to keep things as fresh as I can!) so I took my family around LA and Hollywood for a tour, came home around 10pm and literally started baking until Saturday the next morning right up to the minute that I had to drop off the treats (in addition to the bacon treats, I made the Dr. Seuss treats too!) .  I always underestimate my time, and this was no exception haha.  For some reason I think I’m uber fast in baking and decorating when in reality I’m a perfectionist and I don’t like to rush.  You think I’d learn my lesson about time management but, sadly, I still haven’t.  Oh well! 🙂 I’m still learning.

I actually begged my hubby to help me cook the million packets of bacon.  Brilliant thinking on my part because it took him almost two hours, slaving away at the hot stove and the frying pan.  Later someone asked why I didn’t just bake them in the oven.  I really hate baked bacon.  You don’t have that nice crispness because it’s basically just roasting in its own grease and juices and becomes all soggy.  No thanks.  How am I supposed to dip a soggy piece of bacon in chocolate?!  Yes this post is long, but I have a lot to say about bacon! haha.  LOVE bacon. If I could eat it everyday, with everything, I would.  I’d just probably die in a week from clogged arteries.  But I’d die happy..right?! HAHA.

So I used my basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, then crushed the cooked crispy bacon and then just mixed it in to cookie batter, bake as usual.  When they were done, I had to try one.  Surprisingly, I couldn’t taste much of the bacon.  DARNIT! I put more in for the next batch.  Somewhat of the same result.  My hubby suggested stirring in some bacon grease into the cookie batter. HAHAHAH….while tempting, I refrained myself. because even that to me, sounded really unhealthy.  Later someone suggested that I should have baked the bacon with brown sugar.  Why genius! Why didn’t I think of that?! I’ve made these bacon wrapped little hot dogs before and I’d sprinkle brown sugar on top and it really brings out the flavor of the bacon.  I definitely should have done that.  Next time someone asks for bacon chocolate chip cookies I guess! 🙂


The rest of the bacon was left to cool and then dipped into dark chocolate.  I wish that all bacon cooked end up looking the same but, there are some really puny and shriveled up bacon in the end.  Hahah.  I ended up eating those.  Yikes. hhaha! I say, you can’t really trust anyone that doesn’t love bacon!



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