A mini wedding dessert bar!

My good friends B and F got married a month ago in November (yes, yes I’m late in blogging!!!) It was a unique experience to the typical wedding.  They got married at a space in almost the Glendale area.  There was a few hours gap in between the wedding ceremony and the reception (located at an old Chinese theater in downtown LA).  So they wanted to feed people at the ceremony space.  In lieu of traditional hor douvres, they hired a taco lady to make tacos on site.  (SO STINKIN DELICIOUS!!!) Cost effective AND ingenious! They also asked me to make them some desserts.  It was a small one but none the less was so happy to be able to do something for them on their wedding day!! 10505463_832292243489428_7052815625244661327_n

I was NOT in charge of the linens….apparently according to the wedding planner they got lost (how does that even happen?!) so..thus the make shift linens that didn’t hit the floor to hide the stuff shoved underneath.  Yikes! (yes this is the kind of small ridiculous stuff that I notice.. :/ )  The bride and groom and I brainstormed together for the dessert table and this is what we came up with:

Mini brownie bites


Mini fruit tarts


Matcha green tea shortbread cookies…I used some really good (expensive!) matcha green tea powder that I bought from Taiwan…gave it a pretty good matcha green tea flavor!


Mango pudding shot glasses. Believe it or not, it’s common to find mango pudding at chinese restaurants, especially during weekend dim sum.  Since my friends are both Chinese, I thought they and their friends and family would enjoy it!

10805711_832292273489425_5821674471825008607_nAlmond “tofu” is a traditional Chinese dessert, also commonly found during dim sum.  It’s not actually a tofu (like made out of soy), but a jello.  (thus the “jello” usage on tent card to eliminate confusion amongst the non Chinese guests haha)..  It’s usually made in a huge pan then cut up into squares like tofu, scooped into cups and topped off with fruit cocktail.  It was really fun to make these mini sized for the first time.  So much easier for guests to enjoy!
1455963_832292256822760_7781501242064732125_nAlthough my friends didn’t get a chance to enjoy any of the desserts (yes, you really don’t get to eat at your own wedding!), they were all gone and hoped they were enjoyed.  Thank you for letting me be part of your big day B and F!! Congrats!! 


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