A monster’s first birthday!

Yes, I know I’ve been slacking on posting.  Yes I know I’ve been slacking on taking nice pictures of the treats.  It’s hard after slaving away for hours into the night to want to set up my lights and background to take some nice pictures. That’s just 10 minutes I have less to sleep. Haha.  So the iPhone pics will have to do!

I love the theme of this first birthday because I also did a monster’s first birthday for my nephew! He’s turning 4 this year, I can’t believe how time has flown by!  My friends S and C who have two adorable kids, asked me to bake for their son’s first birthday. Totally grateful and happy, since I was asked to bake for their daughter’s first birthday too a few years back! It still amazes me how grown up we all are, working, married with several kids…

The wifey is a great planner and she knew exactly what she wanted this time again.  Some monster cookies (chewy sugar cookies with eyeballs), chocolate covered pretzels (with eyeballs), cupcakes and a little smash cake for Braden.



Fondant toppers


Funfetti smash cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.


Mama always makes the best background/dessert tables!! adorable! (thanks for the pic S!)

Happy 1st Birthday Braden! Hope you enjoyed your monster party!! 🙂


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