A nautical baby shower!

Nautical themed baby showers seem pretty popular.  But why not? It’s super adorable!  My old high school class mate whom I probably haven’t seen since our 10 year high school reunion (7 years ago!) contacted me to make some treats for a baby shower she was hosting.  She’s seen my stuff on FB and she decided to take a chance 🙂

The baby shower invitation was designed by one of her friends using the colors yellow, white and navy blue.  It had chevrons and an anchor! I decided to incorporate both those things into the cookies and cake that she wanted.


Decorated sugar cookies-onesies.  I flooded the onesie with white royal icing, then right after, free handed the yellow chevrons, so that it blended in together.  When all that dried, then I piped on the navy blue anchor so that it gives it a layer of texture and stands out!  These little suckers may look simple and easy but they take up so much time!


Did I mention I hate making cakes? Haha.  I still hate it.  If I could have someone bake the cakes, cut and frost and layer them and cover them in fondant, I would love it.  I would love to just decorate cakes that other people made for me.  So much more fun without all that added stuff in the beginning! 🙂 I made the top tier to look like an ombre wave effect, something I’ve seen but never done before.  the bottom tier I knew I wanted to do chevrons but, how to make even, uniformed chevrons that go perfectly around the cake? I had to figure that one out. : /  Again, I wish I was a bakery and had all the tools in the world because I’ve seen these silicone molds that just looks like it does amazing stuff


but, I can’t really justify spending all that money on something I might just use once, when I don’t really make money on this baking stuff anyways. It’s a hard balance because I want to make my stuff look amazing!!! So I ended up using a chevron stamp that I got awhile back for some chevron cookies I had to make.  It ended up working.  I just painted the stamp and stuck it onto the fondant for the design!

Although mama had the baby early a few days before the shower, she was a trooper and decided she wanted to shower anyways!! Congrats to the new parents!!


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