A retirement party favor!

 One of my coworkers whom I have baked several times for her two kids (thank you!) contacted me about baking for one of her coworker’s retirement party.  They wanted decorated sugar cookies of the LAPD badge.  I’ve never done that before, but figured couldn’t be too hard and I’m always up for a challenge so, yes of course!  Then, being the procrastinator that I am, I didn’t think about how exactly I was going to execute this project until the very last minute.


As you can see, the badge has a lot of details.  I didn’t really plan on adding all those details, but without it, it wouldn’t look like the badge at all.  By the time i figured out what I wanted them to look like and was a few cookies in, I already started getting cramps in my hand, it was late and I started hating life looking at how many more I had to make (5 dozen total!)



I outlined the badge, flooded it gray, had to wait for them to dry before piping on all the details.  Everything hand piped.  Painstakingly awful. But actually real happy the way it turned out.  I beg nobody ever asks me to make these again.  Lesson learned: to figure out how to execute something first before a) making a decision on how much to charge b) deciding how long a project is actually going to take c) deciding to be lazy and/or procrastinate. Like I said, I’m always learning in this baking ordeal. 🙂



My coworker did an amazing job with the dessert table! (thanks R for the pics!) Happy retirement to police officer 8877!


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