Valentine’s Day!

I’ve had these Wilton Valentine’s day cookie cutters for the longest time.  This year for Valentine’s day, I really wanted to put them to use and make some cookies! It actually only had a heart and an X and O, which in the end I ended up using none of it. I ended up using some alphabet letters that I had for the X and the O’s because they were rounder and cuter.  The lips and arrows I didn’t have a cutter for so I hand cut them on my own.  I really wanted an assortment of designs.  I had the idea to ask coworkers if they were interested in buying cookies for their gals, and a few of them did! I packaged them up in a bakery box with a window and sat them atop paper confetti, personalized them with a plaque cookie and tied it all up in a bow!  I got great response, saying their gals loved them! : ) good, makes me happy!  Even my supervisor got in on it, asking for a box for his wife and one for his mom, I suggested a small mason jar filled with heart cookies (which I completely neglected to take a picture of) + one with her name on it, tied with a bow. It was super cute! Definitely a fun project!

valentine's day cookies

packaged cookies


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