A Bob the Builder 2nd Birthday!

When my BF said her son wanted to have a Bob the Builder birthday party, I said, “Bob the who?!” I mean, I knew who he was, but really had to look him up to really look to see what he looked like.  Yikes.  Then I scoured the internet for anything with him-party things, videos, shirts, books…there was absolutely nothing! Nothing on Amazon, nothing from Target or Toys R Us…This is a pretty old cartoon and nobody carries him anymore.  So, how were we going to have a party with nothing Bob the Builder?! Actually it turned out to be more of a construction party, with Bob the Builder desserts. 🙂 the little 6″ cake with fondant Bob the Builder and other fondant decor.

Bob the Builder cake

Bob the Builder decorated sugar cookies

sugar cookies

Tools decorated sugar cookies

sugar cookies

Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting and fondant toppers

fondant toppers

Dessert set up at the party



Thought it would be cute to display the cookies in the back of a dump truck after it was bagged and tied up.


I love my cricut!! 🙂


Happy 2nd Birthday Lucas! You’re getting to be a big boy!!


One thought on “A Bob the Builder 2nd Birthday!

  1. Carrie, I sent you a FB PM asking if you would be available to do a birthday party for my husband’s kid on 5/30.  It’s at Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo.   If so, what do you charge? Madeline

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