A Plants VS Zombies Birthday!

My nephew turned 4 this year…4! How time passes by so fast! This year, he asked for a Plants vs. Zombies birthday cake. Specifically chocolate.  I had no clue what Plants vs. Zombies was.  I had to download the game on my phone and play it to know what the heck I was supposed to be making him haha.  It’s pretty funny game. It’s amazing how creative people can be! Basically the premise is that you use these plants as weapons to kill zombies!  Since his birthday was at Chuck E Cheese, there was minimal decor to be done.  So I just made a simple chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream and a cookies and cream filling.


I cheated and bought these figures from the store and just plopped them on the cake.  It was a good idea because he got to keep them and play with them afterwards! Then I made these zombie survival kits for the kids’ favors. 11247510_946337485418236_2822569287779169242_nThese plants that you can use to attack the zombies, I thought of edible versions of them and packaged them up.  This is a list explaining what each one does:


Here are the little packets.  There’s the pea shooters (chocolate sixlets), melon putts (watermelon gum balls), jalapeños (I made chocolate jalapeños from chocolate molds), cherry bombs (cherry gummy candy..amazon is amazing!!!), cactus lollipop (hand made from a mold) and a sunflower cake pop (this was the most time consuming to make!).



My nephew had the best time…I’m thinking about his next birthday! haha.


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