A calligraphy class..

In high school, my favorite class was arts and crafts.  I made my own stationary and sold it to friends.  I was always doodling and drawing and making something.  I knew I wanted to do something creative when I grew up.  I got into UC Irvine as a studio art major.  But having Asian parents, they convinced me to get a “real” degree and if I was still interested in art, they would send me to art school later.  I got into the career that I am in now.  But, my creativity never completely went away, and the past few years it’s really come back full force.  It’s become my hobbies and it’s made me happy.  🙂  with that said, I love LOVE fonts and writing and paper (etc) and saw someone post about a calligraphy class they attended locally.  I WANTED to go too.  So I went!  It was so much fun! I love the style and the look of it all and if I had gone to this class a year prior (2014) I would have hand lettered my wedding invitations and cards and EVERYTHING.  oh well.  Maybe someone else’s wedding. haha!


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