A dinosaur 3rd birthday!

My Bff’s son turned 3 in January…3!! He’s such a big boy now..and his Chinese is amazing! Better than mine practically! haha! This year he had his birthday party at a reptile center in Westminster that I didn’t even knew existed! It’s a pretty cool place.  They have someone give the kids a presentation and bring out all these different reptiles and let everyone pet them.  The place even has a full size crocodile and a huge boa constrictor that they at the end have us sit in a line and laid it on us.  It.  was. HUGE.  yikes! Lucas is really into dinosaurs so he requested a dinosaur cake.

The body is a vanilla funfetti cake and the head, tail and feet are all rice krispy treats.  So at first I tried to make the the head stick up like a brontosaurus, but it was too heavy and it wouldn’t hold. I’m not a professional by any means.  I’m sure if I googled it I would have found a way to make it work but I was already tired and cranky and angry so I moved along.  It’s not easy baking with a newborn! LOL!

Happy 3rd Birthday Lucas!!


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