Hi, I’m Carrie and I love desserts.  Sweets.  Yum.

I started baking a few years ago.  I just thought that since I ate and enjoyed desserts so much, I wanted to start making them, so I can satisfy my own cravings whenever and whatever time it may be.  I guess buying them and shoving them in my face just wasn’t enough. So I started baking cookies and cupcakes. Those were my two favorites at the moment and it was easy enough to bake! I shared them with friends and family, and they started asking for treats for baby showers, weddings, birthdays and eventually some asked for cakes. I saw the cake pops from Bakerella and I started making those. I watched You Tube videos and researched on the internet. Then I started customizing the sweets…  Considering my full time job is on the complete opposite spectrum of baking, it’s my creative outlet. Growing up, I always thought my future was in something artsy and it’s funny to think back that I actually got into college with a studio art major.  🙂 I guess that passion is coming back, in a baking outlet. Although I’ve never been formally trained (pastry school would be awesome!), I do love challenges and new projects and I love seeing the end result even more. It has been a bit frustrating and trying at times, which has resulted in a few mishaps and fails, but I’m definitely learning as I go!

I am located in Anaheim, California (just North of Disneyland) and sweets are to be picked up from me! Delivery can be arranged in advance with additional fee. Since I get asked a lot of the same questions, here are answers to a few of them that might be helpful before you contact me:

Q: Do you have a bakery?

A:  I wish I did! I work full time and do this as a hobby, so please be understanding that my time is limited and my work schedule is a bit random as well.  I am pretty good at responding via email but please be patient when it takes a few days!

Q: Why don’t you have all the prices on your website?

A: Prices for custom desserts (personalized) depends on how complicated the design is (cakes, cupcakes with custom toppers, custom decorated sugar cookies).  It also depends on what kind of cake and frosting you’re looking for, or if you want to include fresh fruit.  There are many variables when creating these treats.  When I know exactly you’re looking for, it would be easier for me to give you a quote!

Q:  How much are your cakes?

A:  The above answer applies to cakes as well.  Prices of cakes also depends on if you want your entire cake to be covered in fondant (more expensive) as well as how many people it needs to feed (size of the cake).

Q:  Why are there order minimums for certain sweets?

A: Sometimes my recipes yields a certain number of sweets that I can’t cut in half.  Since I don’t have a bakery that I can sell what you don’t ask for, I need to sell that certain number in one transaction so I don’t waste it.  Otherwise it’s not worth it to me to bake and just sell you 6 cupcakes and give away/waste the other 18.   Same goes for certain ingredients like pretzel rods or oreos.  Hopefully that makes sense!

Q:  Why can’t I get a dozen cupcakes/cake pops with a few different cupcake flavors?

A: The above answer also applies to this question, because I would have a bunch of different flavors of cupcakes leftover!

Q: Do you give free samples before I order?

A:  Please refer to the previous two answers.  Unfortunately I can’t bake just one of something for you to try (although I wish I can let you sample!).  I understand that ordering from someone you’ve never met/never heard of/or taste their stuff is a bit scary but, hopefully the pictures on my website give you a good indication of how the things I make turn out! You can always order something and share with your family/friends before your event  so you can “taste test” it!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions, pictures, a theme or just a simple idea and we can create something together! Everyone deserves a sweet life! 🙂

Please like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Sweet-Life/278738092178182?ref=hl and feel free to leave any comments, questions or suggestions!!!



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