A new business!

I don’t know how, or why or what, and as if I didn’t have enough stuff to do (including taking care of a newborn), I decided to start an Etsy Shop.  Check it out:

http://www.etsy.com/shop/1littlehapalamb or follow at http://www.instagram.com/1littlehapalamb

Baby onesies!!! ok I remember now (this is mommy brain)…I wanted Harry Potter onesies for my little one but it was so expensive on Etsy! So I decided to make them myself.  Easy! 🙂 So I decided to make other ones.  Then I made more.  Then I decided to share it with the world on Etsy.  Yes I am crazy, but I love making stuff!! Makes me happy!!  I can also do toddler or adult shirts..custom anything! IMG_5952.JPG


A train 1st birthday!

So year after year, my old work partner’s wife has asked me to bake for her son’s birthday (3 total so far I believe!).  Then she had a second son and asked me to bake for his first birthday! I love that I’ve baked for all their birthdays!! They had Ben’s birthday party at the Railroad train Museum somewhere near Torrance.  Another place I didn’t know existed! I took my nephew because he loves trains too.  The two tiered cake was funfetti cake covered in vanilla buttercream.  The decorations are all fondant.  I also made a little cupcake smash cake for him, even thought he didn’t really smash it. 🙂

Happy 1st Birthday Ben!! To many many more birthdays that I can bake for you! 🙂


A dinosaur 3rd birthday!

My Bff’s son turned 3 in January…3!! He’s such a big boy now..and his Chinese is amazing! Better than mine practically! haha! This year he had his birthday party at a reptile center in Westminster that I didn’t even knew existed! It’s a pretty cool place.  They have someone give the kids a presentation and bring out all these different reptiles and let everyone pet them.  The place even has a full size crocodile and a huge boa constrictor that they at the end have us sit in a line and laid it on us.  It.  was. HUGE.  yikes! Lucas is really into dinosaurs so he requested a dinosaur cake.

The body is a vanilla funfetti cake and the head, tail and feet are all rice krispy treats.  So at first I tried to make the the head stick up like a brontosaurus, but it was too heavy and it wouldn’t hold. I’m not a professional by any means.  I’m sure if I googled it I would have found a way to make it work but I was already tired and cranky and angry so I moved along.  It’s not easy baking with a newborn! LOL!

Happy 3rd Birthday Lucas!!

A calligraphy class..

In high school, my favorite class was arts and crafts.  I made my own stationary and sold it to friends.  I was always doodling and drawing and making something.  I knew I wanted to do something creative when I grew up.  I got into UC Irvine as a studio art major.  But having Asian parents, they convinced me to get a “real” degree and if I was still interested in art, they would send me to art school later.  I got into the career that I am in now.  But, my creativity never completely went away, and the past few years it’s really come back full force.  It’s become my hobbies and it’s made me happy.  🙂  with that said, I love LOVE fonts and writing and paper (etc) and saw someone post about a calligraphy class they attended locally.  I WANTED to go too.  So I went!  It was so much fun! I love the style and the look of it all and if I had gone to this class a year prior (2014) I would have hand lettered my wedding invitations and cards and EVERYTHING.  oh well.  Maybe someone else’s wedding. haha!

A baby girl baptism!

One of my coworker’s wife asked me to bake for her baby girl’s baptism.  She sent me pictures of what she wanted and this is the end product! Sugar cookies with vanilla royal icing.  The “A”s were all fondant!


A 100 day celebration!

One of my close friends had her second baby and she decided to have a 100 day celebration for him (common in Asian cultures). She wanted some favors to give to people who attended the lunch celebration so I suggested little bags of hand dipped chocolate fortune cookies sprinkled with Fourth of July sprinkles:  since the lunch was at a chinese restaurant and it was on fourth of July!  I also added a simple little tag to the bag and tied up the little bag of treats! I totally forgot to take a picture of the treats in the bag..oops. This is is almost 1 years old…how time flies!!!


A happy 4th of July!

A bit late, yes, sorry! Haha! But I’m trying to catch up a little bit! I hosted Fourth of July last year with friends and family and I decided to make dessert.  Everyone loves fruit and I love fruit tarts so I decided to make one from scratch.  Although it’s pretty easy, it is time consuming (it might be easier to buy it from a store haha!) but I always like to make dessert.  I’ve made it several times and use Martha Stewarts pate brisee (pie crust) recipe and her vanilla pastry cream as well.  It’s the best tasting one I’ve found thus far.  The placement of the fruit is spontaneous so it’s always fun to see how it turns out! 🙂



Hello to all those that are still keeping up with this website! I know I’ve neglected this blog and website, but do not fear, I have a good reason.  Great in fact! I gave birth to my first little one last October..pregnancy was not fun for me so I stopped baking as much.  Then the little one came, and I definitely didn’t have time to bake! haha! For those of you that do have babies/kids…you know what I mean..they’re pretty demanding! 🙂 Thank you for those making inquiries, I apologize for missing out on baking for you and your event! Please keep me in mind for anything in the future..hopefully I can find a balance to baking, FT work and this little one! 🙂

A Plants VS Zombies Birthday!

My nephew turned 4 this year…4! How time passes by so fast! This year, he asked for a Plants vs. Zombies birthday cake. Specifically chocolate.  I had no clue what Plants vs. Zombies was.  I had to download the game on my phone and play it to know what the heck I was supposed to be making him haha.  It’s pretty funny game. It’s amazing how creative people can be! Basically the premise is that you use these plants as weapons to kill zombies!  Since his birthday was at Chuck E Cheese, there was minimal decor to be done.  So I just made a simple chocolate cake with a vanilla buttercream and a cookies and cream filling.


I cheated and bought these figures from the store and just plopped them on the cake.  It was a good idea because he got to keep them and play with them afterwards! Then I made these zombie survival kits for the kids’ favors. 11247510_946337485418236_2822569287779169242_nThese plants that you can use to attack the zombies, I thought of edible versions of them and packaged them up.  This is a list explaining what each one does:


Here are the little packets.  There’s the pea shooters (chocolate sixlets), melon putts (watermelon gum balls), jalapeños (I made chocolate jalapeños from chocolate molds), cherry bombs (cherry gummy candy..amazon is amazing!!!), cactus lollipop (hand made from a mold) and a sunflower cake pop (this was the most time consuming to make!).



My nephew had the best time…I’m thinking about his next birthday! haha.

A Bob the Builder 2nd Birthday!

When my BF said her son wanted to have a Bob the Builder birthday party, I said, “Bob the who?!” I mean, I knew who he was, but really had to look him up to really look to see what he looked like.  Yikes.  Then I scoured the internet for anything with him-party things, videos, shirts, books…there was absolutely nothing! Nothing on Amazon, nothing from Target or Toys R Us…This is a pretty old cartoon and nobody carries him anymore.  So, how were we going to have a party with nothing Bob the Builder?! Actually it turned out to be more of a construction party, with Bob the Builder desserts. 🙂 the little 6″ cake with fondant Bob the Builder and other fondant decor.

Bob the Builder cake

Bob the Builder decorated sugar cookies

sugar cookies

Tools decorated sugar cookies

sugar cookies

Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream frosting and fondant toppers

fondant toppers

Dessert set up at the party



Thought it would be cute to display the cookies in the back of a dump truck after it was bagged and tied up.


I love my cricut!! 🙂


Happy 2nd Birthday Lucas! You’re getting to be a big boy!!